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It’s voting time!

If you know me, you know it’s my goal to WIN our family vacation, because otherwise there will probably not BE a family vacation. So that means entering contests, and sometimes it means begging for help from friends. That’s where you come in–YOU, my FRIENDS!!!

I need as many people as I can find to VOTE for the picture I submitted.

The top 5 with the MOST votes win the Summer Nightastic getaway for 4 including Park Hopper Tickets and 2 nights at a Disneyland Resort Hotel!

So–go on over HERE and vote for #24, which is our lovely colorful Natalie at the M&M store. And, because I will probably hound you until you DO vote, would you just do me a favor and let me know you voted? Then I’ll know I can stop hounding and nagging you incessantly. Voting is limited to one vote per verified email address, which means you have to vote, put in your email address, then I think they’ll send you a verification email which you have to click on to make sure your vote counts (or you may just have to sign up and register, I’m not sure). but I know it will be relatively painless. I have to beat out 221 other people, so I need all of you! So go and vote. Vote from work, Vote from home. Ask your friends, your boss, your children, your dog–anyone who has an email account–to vote. Please? Please, please, please, please? Won’t you vote for me?

Remember–Go HERE, and vote for NUMBER 24.

Thank you!!!!!

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