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My husband is still in Korea. He’s actually coming home Sunday (we hope). In honor of his trip I was watching M*A*S*H. Ok, It wasn’t really a choice. We have no cable channels because Comcast switched something or other on us and Ryan’s the only one who can install the special boxes they sent us. So, there’s nothing on. As I was folding laundry, I turned on the tv, and M*A*S*H was the best I could find. That Hawkeye sure is a character, isn’t he?

And what exactly is Icore?


  1. *not* icore, I Corps.

    “Deployed to Korea at the start of the Korean War, the corps was one of three corps that remained in the country for the entire conflict, commanding US, British, and South Korean forces through three years of back-and-forth campaigns against North Korean and Chinese forces.”

    i.e. the Military Top Brass in Korea at the time.

    See you tonight.

  2. Hi Paige (I’m Melinda’s friend)

    I also love MASH. I could probably trace my husbands career choices in life back to MASH. And we were stationed in Korea. I hope your husband makes it back okay and that he doesn’t smell like kimchi for 3 days… Or you won’t be able to kiss him.

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