The Trials of a Busy Mom

Warning, Flashback ahead

Ryan and I have been invited to an 80’s party this weekend. We are supposed to come dressed as our favorite 80’s couple. Some things that came to mind were Devo (pointy hats), Robert Palmer dancers (I don’t think I could pull off that look, though, and don’t own anything that tight and that short, so that’s out), Wham, A flock of seaguls? I don’t know!!!

So, I was thinking maybe Cyndi Lauper–I could rat my hair real big, find some legwarmers and a skirt, rip a t-shirt to wear over another t-shirt, lots of makeup….What do you think? But then who could Ryan go as? Phil Collins? He’s kind of bald.

I need some help here. Any great ideas?


  1. christina

    Tell him to quit shaving for the rest of the week and go as Chris Elliot. He was that one weird moviestar guy. Tom gets told he looks like him, and Ryan has some of the same features as Tom and Chris Elliot.

  2. Administrator

    80% too creepy.


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