It’s early in the morning (well, before 8:00, anyway), and I have nothing cute and witty to say. So, here are my random thoughts:

–Our inflatable frankenstein is having a rough time of it out in the wind. It’s like he’s break dancing out there or something. The humane thing to do would be to unplug him until the wind stops blowing, but then I’d have to go outside, and it’s cold out there right now. I’ll wait until the next batch of kids leave for school, and have them do it.

–I LOVE the new Josh Grobin song, “Don’t give up.” It’s awesome!

–We went to our ward Halloween party last night. Lots of fun. The youth put on the games, including the football throw, a make your own bat craft, bean bag toss, musical chairs, eat the donut from the string, etc. Then there was a little parade, costume contest, and a trunk or treat. I told the kids they could eat 3 pieces of candy and the rest was going into the old rubbermaid shoebox. After much complaining and whining and “it’s mY candy, I should get to keep it”s, we indeed dumped it all –It didn’t fit! I had to dump it into a bucket! Can I use that same candy to give to the trick or treaters next week? I don’t have a problem with it, but I’m sure the small people won’t go for it.

–My knees hate it when I go to the kickboxing class on Tuesday. I don’t particularly like it, either, but my knees hurt for two or three days afterwards, and I could hardly walk up or down the stairs yesterday. I’m old and fat and not made for exercise.

–The average american sends an average of 46 text messages per week. Um, I guess I’m not average, or those teenage girls are using all of my texting time. The topic of conversation in nursery the other week was how high the cell phone bills of certain girls in the ward went ($800) because of text messaging. My advice to parents out there? Don’t give your kids a cell phone. But that’s just me. My oldest is a boy who has no interest or use for a cell phone (like his dad) and hopefully never will.

updated to add: Um, it’s snowing right now. Great!