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Montezuma’s Revenge

Hello, and I hope you all had a MERRY CHRISTMAS! We got home Late Saturday night, which could actually be considered early Sunday morning, then went to church at 10:30. The kids all did fine in our absence, but they were all so happy to have us back. Especially John, who talked non stop about the party he went to on Saturday night and the monster truck he got from his great grandma Coleman. He’s been clingy and wants to sit on my lap constantly, but we can handle that.

Our Christmas was nice, low key, and ready. Nothing I could do once we got back, so there wasn’t much stress. We got up around 7 and ripped through the presents quickly and efficiently, making the maximum mess in a short amount of time. The kids seemed pleased with their gifts, and Ryan and I were fine with our lack of gifts. We played and watched movies most of the day, until we went to my parents house in the afternoon for a family dinner. Chaos and loud boisterous laughter were prevalent. We all enjoyed ourselves.

We came home exhausted and fell into bed. I slept well until just after midnight, when I started experiencing major diarrhea. I don’t know if it’s something left-over from Mexico, or just my body’s way to tell me that I shouldn’t eat pure sugar all day, even if it is Christmas. That went on for hours. I was probably in the bathroom 30 times. I don’t want to be too graphic, but I couldn’t believe that much liquid could come out of my body.

Around 7:30, I got up to use the bathroom *again* and couldn’t make it back to the bed. My head was buzzing, I was sweating profusely, and couldn’t even stand up. I called to Ryan and he helped me back to the bed. It was then I realized I was severely dehydrated. Ryan went and got me something to drink while I lay there with my head buzzing. It felt like there were 100 moths flying around in my head. After drinking some water and some Dr. Pepper and taking some anti-diarrheal medicine, I rested for a while. Actually, a long while. Except for trips to the bathroom, I stayed in bed until 4:00.

The kids came in to climb on me or ask questions every once in a while, and Ryan was working from home, so they were pretty much on their own. So much for my extensive list of all the places I wanted to shop the after Christmas sales, including the grocery store, since we had been out of milk, eggs and birdseed since we came back home. Ryan (my hero) went to the grocery store last night and got those three items, along with hot dogs and buns so I can have something to feed the crew today.

This morning, I got up cautiously, not knowing how I would feel. I think I’ll live, although I probably won’t venture out of the house today, either. I’ll be here. In my disastrously messy house, trying to find friends for the kids to play with. At their house.

The only good thing about being sick was that it was a quick way to lose those three pounds I gained on vacation, even though I know it’s all water weight and it will quickly cling it’s way back to me.

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  1. Janice from Book Club

    So sorry to hear that. Chris had been dealing with something similar for the last week. I had to go and buy Gatoraid for him because he got so dehydrated. Hope you feel better soon. Janice

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