I know that Ryan posted a link to the billion and one pictures from our Cancun Trip, but in reality, no one wants to sift through all those, so I’ll just post a couple of highlights and call it good.

(All the links are now clickable to the larger sizes –Ryan)

Here we are BEFORE going para sailing, while Paige still feels good and excited about life.

Here we are up in the air. See the pretty colors. See the pretty ocean. Luckily you can’t see Paige getting ill.

Here we are as they reel us in back to the boat. Don’t we look like we had a great time?

Here’s the lovely view we had for about the next hour as Paige lay in a lounge chair becoming un-sick. It looks like a Corona commercial, doesn’t it?

Here’s Paige playing bartender.

Here we are under the Christmas arch–or whatever it was. And Paige with her new amigos.

On our last day there, we traveled by crowded stinky bus to a really nice ritzy mall where I had seen a dolphin exhibit. Kind of like the buffaloes we’ve seen around here locally, but dolphins. We took tons of pictures, but these are some of my favorites.
dolpin 1 dolphin 2

dolphin 3 dolphin 4

dolphin 5 dolphin 6

Here’s a group shot of all the people in our group.