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Baby, it’s cold outside

I love a good jacket almost as much as I love a good sale, and when both combine, oh heaven help me! I found a great black trench style jacket at a yard sale in the summer, and I’ve pretty much worn it every day since. But now it’s gotten too cold for that, so I was wearing my black wool coat again. The trouble with the wool coat is….well, it’s old. And it’s hard to clean. I’ve had it dry cleaned once or twice, but honestly, I don’t feel like it ever seems clean anymore. And it’s just getting old. So, when I was at Target last week, imagine my joy when I found this coat.

Only it was in a pretty brick red (sorry, no picture of that color), and it was marked down $44.99 to $11. Happy, happy. And it was in my size. Into the cart it went, and I’m quite happy with it. No, it’s not the total warmest coat, but it’s roomy enough to wear over a light sweater, so it will do for short from the car to the school, etc. Not that I’d want to be outside very long in the TWO DEGREES that it was this morning as I drove my daughter to band. TWO!!!!! TWO is not the number I want to see on the temperature gauge in my car. Ugh.

But back to my cute coat. It’s a little Happy Birthday/ Happy New Year present for me.


  1. Lisa

    Oh I so WANT one too! Do you think I could find me one? I want that color you have pictured!

  2. Robin

    Very nice Paige. You comment about the temperature reminded me of Planes, Trains & Automobiles:

    Neal: [riding in back of pickup truck in freezing cold] What do you think the temperature is?
    Del: One.

    Stay warm!! :o)

  3. Mom

    Cute coat, great buy! If I buy one more coat I’ll have to give something away because I can’t get any more into my closet!

  4. Lisa

    i tried finding a cute coat like that at target but no luck for me. I did find lots for paul and the boys tho.

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