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keep the car clean

Ryan sent me this run down of his conversation with our daughter the other day.

M (Megan): “Are you going to junk up your new car like the truck?”

D (Dad): “The truck wasn’t that dirty, just some stuff that needs to get
put back away behind the seat.”

**Editorial comment here. The truck wasn’t THAT dirty? Ahem? I beg to differ. There’s always a pile of tools and crap on the floor, the dash is completely cracked up, and it’s falling apart. In fact, it’s perfect for a teen aged driver. Ok, I’m done.***

M: “I meant putting trash in the door pocket.”

D: “That is the trash can for the truck. When I get a cup or something I
fill it up with the trash and empty it.”

M: “When I get a car, I’ll keep it perfectly clean. I will have a trash
can in it, and I will empty it every day.”

M: “Come see me in 20 years, you’ll see.”

Me again. I believe her. I think she will keep her car clean, when she has a car. That kid has big dreams. She’s already saving up her money so that she can buy a mini cooper or a smart car. If only she felt the same way about her room.

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  1. Mom

    Hmmm, as I recall, I had the same wish about you when you were living here.

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