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Update on Jenna

Just a little update on Jenna:

Jenna got her cast put on on Saturday, instead of today. Our doctor said he would go in on Saturday and put it on her if we’d rather, and of course we would. So, Saturday she could be moved without the worry of bumping her leg or hurting her. It’s a nice bright red cast, and she’s doing well. We were going to take her to church, but since John threw up, no sense taking her if Ryan was going to stay home with John anyway. She was a bit worried about how she was going to get around, too. (as a sidenote, I bought a cute pink stroller, since I figured it would be much cheaper than renting a wheelchair, but she thinks the stroller thing is a dumb idea, and doesn’t want to be taken anywhere in a stroller. Whatever!)

So, today, since she had the cast on, it was time to take her to school. She’s been home for a week and that’s getting a bit old (for all of us!). So, I parked as close as I could (I should look into getting a temporary handicapped sticker!), then carried her into school. All the kids flocked around her and welcomed her back. Since I didn’t know how she would do, I stayed the whole time and was the teacher’s aide for the day. While down at the work room, I was talking to the lady who works there and mentioned that it was Jenna’s first day back after breaking her leg, and she suggested I used the school’s wheelchair. Oh! They have a wheelchair? Wow, so my friend in the office went and got it from the nurse’s office, and then I took it down to Jenna’s class. Hooray! Then she was a real celebrity, sitting up in her throne. We wheeled her to the rug, and she even got to go down to the library in the wheelchair. She was so excited! And all her little friends wanted to sit by her in her cool wheelchair.

After we got home and I hauled her into the house, she’s been much braver about hopping around, and not content to just sit in her chair. We had suspected that once she got her cast on, she’d get a little braver and want to be more mobile, and it’s nice to see that happening. Hopefully in two more weeks they’ll put her in a walking cast and she can do more of her own maneuvering.

So, that’s the update. I’m hanging in here, although my neighbor just told me to get some sleep, I look frazzled. Hmmm. (I am frazzled, tired and exhausted, but that could all be attributed to the fact that I’m on my period.) I don’t really want to LOOK frazzled, even if I am, so I’d better go do something with my hair and put on some lip gloss, lest people should think I’m a total slob.

–Oh, and we’re planning her birthday party for Friday. Julene’s going to make a “broken leg” or cast cake of some kind, and we’ll put “Happy Broken Leg Birthday” on it. I’m thinking of sitting down games and crafts that can be fun, without a lot of moving around. Because, really, I just don’t have enough to do.


  1. My sister broke her leg and ankle when she was 13, and it turned out to be one of the most profitable ventures of her life to that point. People showered her with cash, gifts, and even a get well cake! Since she couldn’t get out to go to the store, she ordered stuff from QVC.

    I, on the other hand, broke my ankle when I was five and although I was also in a cast, it profited me nothing more than a free pass out of the last six weeks of kindergarten.

    But I’m not bitter.

  2. Janice from Book Club

    January 29, 2007 at 7:34 pm

    You put my busy and sometimes overwhelming life into perspective. While I did fight back tears when I saw how much laundry I had this morning, that is nothing compared to dealing with a child in a cast. Good luck. If I could, I would send you dinner via e-mail

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