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The Trials of a Busy Mom

Why I sometimes zone out and don’t listen to EVERY word that comes out of her mouth

Me: How was your day, Natalie? (as we were driving home from choir)

Natalie: Good. Maggie and Amy and me are in a Club. Jacob and Josh and Cameron are in it too. I’m the president, and Maggie’s the vice president and Amy’s the secretary. Lindsay used to be the secretary, but now she’s working on making money. We trade snow for ice. Sam’s group finally came to use and wanted our ice, and we traded him some of our ice for some more snow. We made a snow cave and in it we keep important things. Like pinecones. We have to guard it so that no one will smash it. If you are in our club you get a horse. You have to feed it and everything. Jacob got a stallion for his horse.

Me: So, you get a horse when you join your club? Where do you get these horses?

Natalie: (giving me the “duh, Mom” look) The horses are just pretend, Mom. We pick out what color horse we want and we name it.  We were thinking of changing our club name to the “Hot Chicks”.

Me:  Won’t the boys care if that’s the name of the club?

Natalie:  They are kind of like optional members.  They can come in or be out whenever they want to. Jentry has 4 Tamagotchis. She has 3 V3’s and one V4. I wish I had that many Tamagotchis. When is my Tamagotchi going to come in the mail?

Me: It should be here by Friday.

editor’s note: My kids have been obsessed with Tamagotchis lately, and when Natalie earned enough to buy a new one (she lost her first one, I took her to 3 stores on Saturday to try to buy Tamagotchis for her, Megan and Jenna. Then I came home and in 5 minutes had ordered three from Why didn’t I try that first? Because I’m stupid, I guess.)

Natalie: I hope so because I’m so tired of everyone asking me Every time I get on the bus if I have found my Tamagotchi. Maggie’s little sister even has one, but it got ruined because Julian slobbered on it. Now it just sits there and beeps, and doesn’t do anything. The V4’s can even get JOBS! I’m so glad I’m getting a V4 so mine can get a JOB! Jenna’s won’t be able to get a job, since it’s only a V3, but she can have the matchmaker come and she can let it get married, and ……..etc.


  1. WOOOOW!!! That’s sooo funny!

  2. Gotta love those talky-talk girls. I have a silent type and then a chatterbox. This morning I heard all about this crazy dream where there were enchanted washcloths (?) with Disney characters on them and if you grabbed one you could turn into that character for 59 minutes. Okay.

    But Natalie has her beat, I think!

  3. What a fantastic imagination! Someday she will be a great novelist and we will all laugh and say, “I knew her when…”

  4. As a fellow mom of a Tamagotchi-lover, I SO hear you on this! Classic.

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