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Reason #468 why I love my neighbors

My ice maker got all frozen up and stuck, and we haven’t gotten it fixed yet. But life without ice? Unthinkable. I don’t even want to drink any water if I can’t have it cold and with ice. I’ve started keeping a water container or two in the fridge to keep my water cold, but it just isn’t enough. So, I went over to my next door neighbors and asked for….ice. I got a gallon ziplock and filled it with ice. Now I can just get a few cubes out. I just sent my daughter over for ice again. ….ahhhhhh…..

How many borrowings of ice do you think is too many?


  1. It’s ice. It’s free. I don’t think there’s any etiquette associated with its borrowing. But maybe a homemade treat after 10 or so bags may be in order.

  2. I’m not sure. Do they have an ice maker so they don’t have to keep making it after you come and take what they have? I know at my house a zip lock bag of ice would only last a half day. So when are you going to get it fixed? Call somebody and get an estimate.

  3. i’d give you ice as many times as you came over. and we couldn’t live without ice.

  4. I’ve already got the part on order.


  5. I’ve got a rebate on ice that you buy at the store, if you want it. It’s a $2 rebate if you buy $2 or more of ice. (I know–send in an envelope and a stamp for $2? Might not be worth it. . .)

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