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It’s always a party

Natalie has wanted to have a summer party with her friends for a while, so this week I told her let’s just do it. She is going to Jr. High this year, and the majority of her friends will not be in the same school with her. She has no trouble making friends, so I am not worried about her at all, but it’s still a difficult transition. So, she called all her friends, and I think we’ve got 13 girls here right now. I guess it’s the end of the summer and everyone has finished vacationing and are just happy to send their loud, obnoxious girls somewhere else for the afternoon.

They played Encore all together, and then they broke up into small groups to play more games. One group played Apples to Apples at the table, one group played Guillotine in the front room, and another group played an outside game in the front yard.

And they ALL brought food. I think we have enough snacks there for all of them.

Me? I’m on damage control. Not entertainment or even food. It’s not a bad gig. Because it’s always a party around here.


  1. Yes Paige, it is… That’s why your house is still our favorite vacation destination. :o)

  2. That was very nice of you to let her host the party. I’m glad they all had fun!

  3. I’ve never met anyone else who knows about the game Guillotine! Bravo. One of our faves.

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