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A little too sweet for you?

The other day John said he didn’t like his cereal. No problem, I said (thinking that he might not be feeling well or something), let’s just make you a piece of toast instead. After they left for school, I was putting away the breakfast dishes, and I wondered why in the world the eggnog was out on the table. Click (Lightbulb). He didn’t like his breakfast because he had poured eggnog on it instead of milk. Talk about ick. I guess I need to stop buying eggnog and pouring it in with the milk to dilute it. Or maybe just not buy eggnog at all.

And speaking of sweet, I just had to laugh at this little Halloween prank and the kids’ reactions.

You’ve probably already seen it, but it just makes me LAUGH!


  1. Mmmmm…good breakfast! That reminds me of the time that my friends sister changed the sugar to salt and she kept salting her cereal because it didn’t taste right. Poor kids being pranked. I love the kid that finds the Nerds and says that she didn’t eat it all.

  2. I almost posted this video. It was HILARIOUS!!!!!!! One of my favorite ever. Especially with the kid insults “You’re Ugly!”

  3. I didn’t get it–I mean there was nothing there to click on or whatever.

  4. Nevermind. It popped up after I made my comment. That was good!

  5. MmMmMm… eggnog!!! You know my motto…”You can never be too sweet or too rich!” And BTW…Some of those kids need anger management intervention I think…especially the one who punched the wall. I think we’ll be seeing his photo in some post office some day. Just sayin’.

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