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Well, it was going to die anyway

I stepped outside and found a poor praying mantis right outside the door.

The poor thing was not moving, probably barely alive. I like praying mantises, myself. They are a good bug to have around, as they eat other, smaller, more annoying bugs. But this one was obviously on it’s last legs and going to die in the cold anyway.

So I scooped it up and took it out to my chickens. Wow! They went after it like chocolate in a class full of teenagers. I just wished I had THREE praying mantises (or praying manti?) to give to them so they could ALL have a nice big bug to eat. One grabbed it and then dropped it and another charged. Hopefully they all got some nice crispy bite. Grasshoppers are also a nice delicacy for them.

A rare late autumn treat!

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  1. That’s so funny… I found a dead gecko the other day. After mourning the loss (I really like the geckos) I decided to give it’s life some meaning by throwing it to the chickens. You’d think they were going after the quarterback. The kids and I used to have fun throwing a cricket in and betting on the chicken that would get it. Chickens are great entertainment.

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