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Why I deserve a cookie

I’m eating a cookie right now.  And it’s good.  And I deserve it.

Why?  Well, the kids came inside and said, “We have something to show you.  Come outside.”  Hmmmm.  That can’t be good, can it?  I go outside to find a dead bird in the backyard.  It looked like a cat had gotten it.  It was all bloody and mangled and there were a lot of feathers around it.  Why didn’t the cat just eat it, I wonder.  I’m glad that there are cats out there, as I want them to eat all the mice in and around our yard.  It just makes me sad to see them attacking the birds.  Oh well, I guess it’s the circle of life and all that.  But then something had to be done with that bird.  Someone had to get it out of the yard, and unfortunately, that someone was me.  There were no males, and certainly no male adults around to do it for me.  So, I got a garden trowel, scooped the poor dead bird into a weeding bucket, and disposed of it.  Where?  Well, I tossed it over the fence like I do with lots of other yard waste.  What?  It’s an empty lot!  Maybe a different hungry cat will come by and want a snack.

When I came inside and washed my hands thoroughly,  I was greeted by a smell.  An all too familiar smell wafting towards me from a certain 3 year old who just barely had used the potty (much to his displeasure).  I don’t know what we are going to do with this kid.  Even though he knows how to pee on command, if I didn’t force him onto the potty, he would just do everything in his pull-up.  ARRGh!  Anyway, I just changed him for about the millionth time.  Ick.
And that’s why I deserve this cookie.


  1. I hope your day goes better tomorrow.

    You deserved a cookie … make that cookies!

  2. Hey miss gluten girl, what kind of cookie were you eating?? I am making some gluten free ones for a bbq tonight.

  3. ummmmm, Oatmeal rasin.

  4. Yes, I agree. All that deserved at least one!

    (Listen to me, egging you on. I should be ashamed of myself!)


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