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It’s always fun at Grandma’s house

I was going to write all about the picnic at my Grandma Coleman’s house on Monday, and the great memories of visiting there, but my sister did all that for me.

We have such a great family, and it was really nice to see them again.  Some of my cousins I only see about once or twice a year, and I wish we could get together more often.  But we had a fun time exploring the grounds, and playing with our kids like we use to play.  This willow tree has had it’s fair share of swingers.  But there used to be an old car there that we would climb on–now that was fun.

And they used to actually use this outdoor fireplace, but mostly I remember climbing on it, like John was doing this week.

Megan ran around the house taking pictures of the inside and outside, so if you are interested in seeing more pictures (taken by an 11 year old, remember), you can click here.


  1. How WONDERFUL for them and I just love those old trees. I have great memories of summer vacations spent on my grandparent’s farm. SO great you’re able to make your own memories with your wonderful family!

  2. Great pictures. They will help provide you with good memories. It was very good to get together and have Mom there.

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