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The Trials of a Busy Mom

I may be just a mom, but I still have some pride

I may occasionally (cough cough) drive carpool in my pajamas and greasy hair, but I will not, I repeat NOT walk into the school like that. Not any school. Not ever. I may be a slob, but I can’t let everyone at the school know that, can I?
Besides, do you really want that office girl (who now knows your NAME) to see your mom walk in with your homework looking all scroungy in a bathrobe and curlers? I think not. I can only IMAGINE the rumors that would spread. Did you see so-and-so’s mom? Not only was she wearing orange crocs, but she was wearing pajamas!!! Oh, the shame.
So, if you text me that you left your
b-chips for a party
c-photos for digital photography
d-permission slip

I will first have to get everyone else out the door, then I will have to get ready, which might even include a shower.

And that is why it might take me two hours to get your stuff to you at school.


  1. You’re funny Paige! : o )

  2. I think, after last week, I’m going to charge the kids 50 cents for every time I have to drive to the school to bring them something they forgot. That’s 25 cents for the gas, and 25 cents for my time. I’ll let you know if it cuts down on the times it happens.

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