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Not sugar?

Oh, sugar.
How I love thee.
How I miss thee.

But I won’t go into the details of my Lenten sugar fast. It’s the same every year. My friend Robin, (whose birthday is today, by the way) described it like this,
Sugar is of the devil…at least for me it is. Every year I try to give up sugar for Lent which is for about 40 or so days starting with Ash Wednesday and ending sometime around Easter depending on my willpower and my ability to rationalize when Lent actually ends that year. It is getting harder every year and I have done some serious rationalizing in the past few years.

Another friend, Jenny, has blogged several times about trying to get the monkey (that is sugar and our addiction to it) off her back.

So, since Wednesday I’ve been wandering the house wondering what I can snack on, since my usual snacking fare consists of….stuff with sugar. I’m trying to get my sugar from fruit, and eat more healthy stuff. The goal really is to kick the sugar addiction, be healthier, and lose weight. So you can imagine my surprise when I stepped on the scale after the first day of grumpiness and hunger, only to see that I had gained 2 pounds. NOT COOL, scale!

But, when we were taking dinner in to a friend who’s going through hard times, my other friend brought over a plate of some kind of delicious cake FOR MY FAMILY, I was pretty proud of myself when I just passed it by. See, I CAN have willpower. Sometimes.

So, let me just share a little ditty that made me laugh today. It’s all about MILK, not sweets. I don’t know if it’s his awesome German accent, or that he’s a grown man who is not afraid to dress up like a cow, but I’m feeling the Flula love.

Now maybe I’ll go have some Milch, Kase, or Joghurt for a snack.

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  1. You can do it!!

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