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I’m kind of a paintophobe

Well, I’ve gotten the kids’ rooms cleaned, organized, threw out bags of stuff, built new bunk beds, and moved dressers. Everyone now has a dresser and a bed in the room where they are sleeping. I’ve patched some wall damage and bought a new bedspread for Megan’s queen bed, and now it’s time to paint. Only I’m a chicken. I’m afraid of painting. It’s so much work and it takes so dang long, and there’s all that taping and I’m not the best painter (lots of mistakes and smudges, people). And I’m afraid to commit. I’m a paintophobe. Which is funny. My neighbor teases me because she thinks I’m this ultra quick decision maker since I bought a new couch and love seat in one visit to one store. So after I told her on Sunday that we were moving bedrooms this week, she called me on Monday and said, “so are you painting right now?” Um. No. I’ve had to buy two bedspreads (one which I will take back) and I’ve rearranged furniture several times. And I don’t know what color paint to buy.

So help me out, if you would. Here’s the bedspread I’ve got for this room.The colors are a little bit brighter in person, but you get the idea. So when I asked Megan what colors she’s like on her wall, she said green and blue. Green like the grass, and blue like the sky. Hmmm. We have a green carpet in there, and one wall already has a castle mural painted on it. I’m not painting over that. I don’t care if it doesn’t match with the rest of the room, it took me a long long time to paint that, and I’m not ready to give it up, dangit. So, I was thinking of maybe a light turquoise paint on the top 2/3, and maybe brown on the bottom 1/3 of the wall. But would that look ok with the green carpet and this colorful bedspread? IEEEk. I’m not a decorator and I don’t play one on tv. I’m not very good at this kind of stuff and I need some help. Maybe I should call my neighbor. Any thoughts?


  1. Overwhelmed With Joy!

    Now, I’m not an interior decorator by any means but here’s what I thought when I read your post and saw the bedspread:

    1) If you have green carpet in the room, don’t try to match greens with paint. Avoid green paint. Let the green carpet just be an accent to the green in the bedspread.

    2) Do accent walls (leaving the castle mural wall alone) in maroon and orange (try to match the paint color to the bedspread color by taking in a pillow sham to the paint store and letting the sales person help you).

    Accessorize with colored framed pictures, curtains, throw pillows, and even a colorful lampshade.

    Just my thoughts. Good luck!

  2. Janice from Book Club

    I’m a paint a phobe too. I like what Overwhelmed with Joy suggested.

  3. Kristy

    Paige! Paige! Paige! I wish I lived by you right now. I would totally come and paint for you. I’ve painted my kitchen three times and usually they’ve all been decided one morning and done by the time Cory got home from work. I’m no expert, but here’s my suggestion: with green carpet, I think it’s going to be hard to paint with too much color. SO – if I were you I would probably paint with a neutral color and then accent with bright beautiful colors (like painted frames, or bright mattes within a frame, or those boxy shelves with fake gerbera daisies in a vase). There’s a color at Home Depot called “Classic Taupe” in the Behr section. It is hard to go wrong with this color. You could either paint the whole room in this color, or paint the bottom the main color and ask them to lighten another gallon by 25% or 50% to paint on the top, and then your colors will blend perfectly. If you do that, then you could separate the two with a chair rail and paint the chair rail one of the bright colors in the spread. That would be so cute. You can do it! Good luck!

  4. Sharm

    Ditto on the neutrals! Accent with brights but you’ve already got enough going on with the VERY COOL mural. Maybe you could paint a pot of flowers in a matching color on the castle doorstep. Do castles have a doorstep?

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