The Trials of a Busy Mom

Complaining. Just a little.

I feel a little bit grumpy this morning. I feel kind whiny. I feel kind of like complaining.

-John has regressed in his potty skills (if that’s at all possible). Not only does he poop in his pants daily, but it’s a kicking screaming battle to get him to use the potty. Every. single. time. I’ve tried the treats, and I’ve even done some threats (‘if you fuss and scream you will lose one of your cars’ and yes, I’ve thrown away his precious cars). It’s still a battle every single time I say, ‘let’s go and use the potty’. I just don’t know if I have the energy to hold out with this stubborn child. Maybe I should just let him go back to wearing diapers. Until he’s 15.

-We got a call from the scout master last night. Cole and 3 other boys were sick with the flu and he was sending them home. The poor kids. Actually, two more came home later. It sounds like Cole is the least sick of them, as he only threw up once or twice in the nurse’s station. I think he was just exhausted, maybe overheated. That and they had hot dogs for lunch. But of course we got the call just as we were about to leave for a swimming party at our friend’s mansion (they used to be our neighbors, but they’ve moved up in the world and now have this incredible house with a pool). We decided to go to the party and told our babysitter (Cole’s friend) to call us when Cole came home, and we’d come home and take care of him. So, right when they were bringing out the incredibly yummy tri-tip roast, we got the call. Umm, we’ll be home in about 20 minutes (after we eat some yummy food). But we got a call later from another scout’s mom (who was at the party, but didn’t know her son was sick, since he was in the second round of kids being brought home), who asked if Cole was still throwing up. Her son was throwing up every 15 minutes. Those poor kids. But at least they are home safe and not injured or eaten by bears. I expect Cole will probably sleep the whole day and then feel much better.

-My birds just keep pooping. And pooping. And pooping. (I told you I was in a whiny mood. If you didn’t want to read it, you could have just clicked somewhere else, people.)

-My house is a mess.

-I spent the day at the Children’s museum with my kids, having loads of fun, and as we pull into the driveway (absolutely exhausted. Oh wait, that was just me. The kids still had enough energy to bicker on the way home) Natalie asks, “Can I go to Maggie’s?” Where is the ‘Thank you, mom,’ or the ‘that was fun, mom’ or even the ‘you look tired from all that driving, mom’

-Megan comes home from her camp today. I hope she’s not sick. I hope she had a good time. And I hope when she sees her really clean room with a new bed and a new bed spread (not painted yet, of course) she doesn’t just say grumpily “Where’s all my stuff?!” (the answer to that question would be in a box in her closet, not in the trash).

So, there it is. There’s my complaining for the morning.

And when I think about other moms who are going through treatment for brain tumors or the moms whose kids are really sick and they have to worry about rising hospital bills and who are holding a benefit concert tonight but worrying if people will come to it, or my dear friend who just lost her mother-in-law to a long hard battle with cancer, then I just shut my mouth and stop complaining and start counting my blessings.

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  1. Kristy

    There’s one more potty training tactic that you might try – it’s what finally worked for my 2nd child. I started crying, and Drew asked, “Why are you crying mommy?” And I said, “Because you won’t go on the potty!!” He didn’t have any more problems after that. We might have future therapy bills, but it’s worth it!

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