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Vacation memories

I’m trying to get myself out of vacation mode, after our trip last week. But there are so many things I want to remember, so I keep writing about it. Of course if the pile of laundry takes longer to get through than the actual vacation, you know you are in trouble.

Things I want my kids to remember from our vacation this year

*Our family is fun! We can have a great time together, even if we don’t have friends with us

*We come from Pioneer ancestry, and those pioneers were amazing people. They worked hard, were inventive and industrious people. They also sacrificed much and left their homes, even, to protect their religious freedoms.

*Grandma and Grandpa love them very much. They would have to, to come on vacation and spend 8 days with us. They even love them enough to let two of them sleep in their hotel room, if needed. Now that’s love!

*Joseph Smith was not only a great man, a dynamic leader, generous and loving, he was also a prophet of God.

*You don’t have to have fabulous adventures to have something to say. Mark Twain wrote about his own hometown.

*It took courage, skill, ingenuity and determination to build the St. Louis arch. And in the building process, not a single man died.

What they will probably remember..
-Cutting our block of cheese for our sandwiches with dental floss because we didn’t have a knife
-Trying to find a place to eat on Easter Sunday and having to resort to gas station food because nothing else was open,

-Caves are dark,

-Mom is a goofball and makes us dress up in all kinds of costumes and clothes,

-Singing “Willingly; because we HAVE to….”

-Playing Rockem Sockem Robots and Flippin Frogs,

-Mom let us swim in every hotel pool.

-That arch is REALLY high, and it was cool to go up and take pictures.

-Playing cards in the airport.

But whatever they remember or don’t remember, I hope they remember all the fun times and laughter we shared on our trip to Nauvoo, Hannibal, and St. Louis in 2012.

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  1. I love how you don’t mention the fighting and grumpiness. IF you had those things 🙂 I try to remind myself that that’s not what they remember. I hardly remember fighting with my siblings, and I know we must have done it a lot. So glad you took this trip before your family changes forever . . . just sayin’.

  2. This is a fabulous post!

  3. That looks as if you had wonderful holidays !

  4. great post and great trip!

  5. nice collection of memories??

  6. Having participated in many of those types of family trips, I can tell you what they will remember – the love of family…

  7. Yep, it was a fun trip and it was great to be with you!

  8. Such wonderful memories. Lovely post and beautiful photos!

  9. Love the photos…sounds like a really great trip. Hopefully the dental floss wasn’t mint flavored. Mint tinted cheese…mmmmm….

  10. Wow. What a vivid and very wonderful link for the letter “V”.

    Your family is glorious. Such a wonderful time…and thanks for letting me tag along!

    Thank you for linking up this week.


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