In the official movie rankings of Paige,
Journey 2
Mysterious Island

Is the HOKEYEST movie I have seen in quite some time. I rate it better than Ponyo, but worse than Rango, if that tells you anything.
I did enjoy watching ‘Peta’ in a different setting, but that was about it’s only redeeming quality. I kept expecting Vanessa Hudgins to break into song about how much she missed Troy.

But it was a fun activity for the kids and I to go to on a hot Saturday afternoon. Especially at the end of a long week with dad out of town. We had already had our fill of the sun with soccer games, garage sales, and working in the yard, so many of us were sunburned, and the dollar movie (or sticky shoe, as we lovingly call it) seemed a good option. But even my kids were laughing at how totally over the top and improbably it was.

And speaking of heat, Ryan made it home from India. His pictures look like what you would see on the Amazing Race. And what a coincidence, the Amazing Race WAS in India last night. He was in Bangalore and then flew to Delhi. His thoughts? Crowded and crazy. But he did see lots of cows, and even went to a National Park mini safari thing. He should blog about it!