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Just a little gift so they’ll know I care

One of our friends was heading to St. George for the Iron man competition. Talk about INSANE!

His wife was trying to be supportive, but she wasn’t thrilled about sitting around forever WAITING to see him run by, or bike by, or swim by. So I made them a little “Triathlon Survival Kit”. It’s mostly for her, since he has all his snacks and nutrition specifically planned out, but hopefully it will make her weekend a little more fun.

It’s nothing fancy, but there’s some sunglasses, a squirt bottle, some bubbles, candy, bandaids, trail mix, and even a clown nose and a ‘snickers marathon’ protein bar.

She was excited when I gave her the basket, and I was glad I could bring her some joy. Since I was making one for her, I made one for another one of my friends (I actually visit teach both of these ladies), but made it just a bit different, so it’s a ‘Summer survival kit’. Hers had most of the same stuff, but she had some hydrocortizone cream and nail polish in there and no power bar. When she opened hers, she called me immediately to thank me.

Now we’re working on teacher appreciation gifts for some of the kids’ teachers. It doesn’t take a lot, but it sure is fun to give or receive fun and unexpected gifts, right?

Fun, fun!

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  1. Ohhhhh, you are such a great person. I’m sure they were overwhelmed by your kindness and creativity!

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