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Happy Mother’s Day!

My son has to speak in Sacrament Meeting tomorrow. They usually ask the graduating seniors to speak on Mother’s day. That way none of the men embarras themselves, and none of the women need to talk on Mother’s day. I won’t BE there to listen to his talk, but I know he will do a great job. I get to ring bells with the Tabernacle Choir in the Sunday morning Music and the Spoken Word Mother’s day special.

As he was working on his talk, I said, “You could probably mention our chicken experiment. There’s probably a funny story in all of that.”
“I wouldn’t dream of leaving it out,” he said casually.
Now I’m a little worried.

Oh, well. At least I won’t be there to be embarrassed or to cry or anything.

In the afternoon, we are having a big to-do with Ryan’s parents and siblings. Since we had my whole family over recently to celebrate my mom’s birthday, it’s only fair to have his family over for Mother’s day. Hopefully I can keep the really pretty potted flower I bought for her alive long enough to give it to her.

I hope that whatever you do on this Mother’s day, you will CALL your mom, and tell her how wonderful she is. We wouldn’t be who we are without our Mothers.

Thank you, MOM!!!


  1. I wish I had known…I would have loved to have heard it.

  2. Have him send his talk to us, OK? Hope your day is nice—not too hectic (but how could it not be with having all the family over?)

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