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Crazy week

It is the week of CAMPS around here.

Cole had his scout camp last week, Wed through Saturday, so that’s nice that he’s around, at least.

Jenna went to Clearcreek, which is a camp run by the school district. 5th graders can sign up to go for a half week or a full week. We signed Jenna up for this week because it was the best week for her friend, and then the friend ended up changing weeks at the last minute. So, when I took Jenna on Monday morning, we weren’t sure who she would know. She got a little teary in the car, in fact,and said, “I’m just going to miss you all so much!” She’s such a nice girl, such a good girl, and I sometimes forget that she’s only 11. I gave her a big hug and told her I was going to miss her very much, too. And then I got teary, as well. But as we were getting her badge, a friend from school came up and happily said, “Jenna! I’m so glad you’re here!” That made me feel better. I know she won’t have any trouble making friends, but I don’t know if she knows that. She will be gone until Friday, and she’ll come back dirty, happy and exhausted!

On Monday we went bowling with Robin and Jacob. It was kind of a ‘smaller’ group, since only John, Cole and Natalie were home to go with me. The 6 of us had fun. And then, we went out to dinner that night.

Megan left for girls’ camp on Monday. She is a Youth Leader this year, (we used to call them Adventurers) so she got to go up one night early and stay with the stake and have oodles of fun without her sister being there. She’ll be gone all week and come back Friday, too.

Natalie left this morning. I was scheduled to drive a bunch of girls up to the campsite at Mutual Dell, which is just about 15 miles up American Fork Canyon. But when they started to load everyone up, they had enough drivers, so I went home. I was lucky to get a hug from my daughter before I sent her off. She was excited to be with her friends.

Quiet week, right?
Well, right now it’s pretty quiet. John is over at a friend’s house, and Cole and Jacob are playing some computer something in the other room.

But the week is just getting started for me, as well. Because I have a concert on Friday, that means I have rehearsal tonight and Wed night, then before the concert on Friday.
BUT WAIT, there’s more. You may remember that a few months ago I mentioned I had signed up for a Bell Convention and would be gone for a few days. That’s this week. I leave on Thursday, for a Handbell convention. Yes, that’s a real thing. Seriously. You can read about it here. I’m signed up for a 2 hour “Fun with Rhythm and Theory” Class, Four hours of an “Organizing and Directing a Handbell Choir” class, and 10 hours of ringing with a new choir.

Add to that the Bells on Temple Square concert (which I will be in) and the Festival Showcase Concert (where we perform for each other all that we have rehearsed this week, etc.) a couple of meals and a some sleeping, and that’s my weekend.

What was I thinking? That I wanted to be on my feet for the entire weekend? I am going to DIE, I’ll be so tired. Forget the kids who will drag in from their camps and need to sleep all day, I will drag in on Sunday afternoon and need to sleep until roughly Monday at 6! Eek!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I just remembered that I have to sew up a whole in some black performance gloves and figure out meals for my family.

I hope YOU are having a fun week, too!!


  1. So….is there anything I can do to help???

  2. Geez, Paige, would you just get off your duff and get something done already?


  3. holy cats! hope it all went well. I saw Megan up at camp a few times … she was always smiling and having a blast. Didn’t see Natalie, though – she must have been off doing the fun finger paint twister game or something (which I avoided!) 🙂 I had never been to girls camp as a leader and was nervous but it was such fun.

    we need to find a time to get our families together~

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