Ugh. It was a rough night.

Sometime around 3:00, Jenna had a bad dream. I took her back to her room and sat on her bed with her until I thought she was asleep. I also turned off everyone’s ceiling fans that were left on, used the bathroom and shut a window.

Sometime after I had gone back to sleep, in comes Jenna again. Bad dream. I don’t know if I’m believing that, but I’m half asleep, so I pull her into bed with us. It’s a big old King bed, right? There should be enough room for two adults and one small child. But alas, the one small child is a squirmer and a kicker. Not good sleeping.

Later, around 5:40, my alarm went off, reminding me that I was going to go to yoga this morning. Turn off alarm before it wakes squirmy kicky girl, and drift off to…

Screaming. It’s John. He’s wet through his clothes and needs his clothes changed. With two matchbox cars in his hands and dry clothes, he goes back to bed. So, I go back to bed, only to be kicked one too many times.

So, I lift Jenna up and carry her back to her own bed. As I walk in, I’m assaulted by the sound of Megan’s CD player alarm clock. I franticly pound on the thing until it stops, put Jenna in her own bed, then it starts again. I unplug the blasted thing!

I wander back to my own big half empty bed with no kicking, and drift off to sleep once more, only to have a bad dream of my own, that involves bells and putting them away in their cases. I won’t elaborate, as it will only bore you to sleep, as I wish it would do me. I’m jolted awake by a very loud chirping noise–someone’s alarm. Why do these kids set their alarms for so early?! I’m about ready to throw the dumb thing out the window as I stumble towards the sound. “Don’t wake up John or Jenna!” is my thought as I find that it’s Megan’s alarm again. How can it be beeping? I took away your power source, you evil thing! Not knowing how to turn it off, I just bang on it a few times, and realize Jenna isn’t in her bed, anyway. Megan is sleeping through this millionth alarm and doesn’t notice her crazed mother pounding on her CD player alarm clock. Good. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.

I creep back to bed, even though it’s obviously time to get up by now, lay my head down, and hear the lovely wake up call from John, “MOM!” over and over and louder and louder until I get him up and fix him breakfast.

My only hope is for a nap today.