Did I mention that I love winning things? It’s just a little thrill. I usually change the radio around all day so I can try for the usual scheduled contests (if I’m home, that is), and it really brings me joy to win things.

So, yesterday I picked up some passes to “Erin’s Slumber Party” being put on by a radio station. It’s a big girl’s night out, and I’m very excited to take my girlfriends and we’ll all go get pedicures, facials and eat chocolate and watch chick flicks!

I also won two CD’s (one from Keane and someone else that I can’t remember right now) by answering the question: The human brain has ______ the memory of even the best computers.
a) 100 times
b)1000 times
c) 10,000 times
d) about twice.

Do you know?