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Don’t they know it’s cold out there?

Yesterday I had the privilege to supervise the playground during lunch recess. Yi-pee. I could barely contain my excitement. I actually spent the day wresting with myself to decide if I really was going to go, or if I should just flake on my obligation. Well, my conscience won out and I went and did my parental duty, grumbling about why in the world my daughter’s class had to be in charge of a week in JANUARY. But I was prepared. I bundled up with a coat, a scarf, gloves, a hat, and even a pair of handwarmers should I need it for my 45 minute outside ordeal.
Overkill? Maybe a little.
When I got there, I saw all the kids out there in sweatshirts or coats, some with gloves, but most without, and all with a severe lack of headgear. What? Are these kids crazy?
Well, yes, actually, they are.

But I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t as cold as I had thought it would be (a balmy 27 degrees), and the kids were fun. But I’m not signing up for any more of those until maybe….May.


  1. Yay I won! I’m having difficulty finding your e-mail address. When I click on the Contact tab of your site it doesn’t lead me anywhere.

  2. Brrrrr — Eli’s first grade teacher talked me into signing up for “Wed morning recess” ALL YEAR two years ago. What was I thinking????? And, how smart was she to have a parent sub for her in that regard? Pretty clever, but when Claire got the same teacher this year I quickly signed up for library — much better, and warmer.

  3. Love the outfit. I send my son to school every day with gloves and boots but he never wears them. Instead, he comes home with his tennis shoes soaking wet and red cracked hands. But FOR THE RECORD, I do send them with him.

  4. You’re one hot momma in that hat!

  5. It’s pretty cool that parents would volunteer to help supervise during recess – much less in 27 degree weather!

  6. Well, just think, some of the parents got stuck with single digit temperatures. You’re one of the lucky ones this month. Cute outfit, and fun that you took pictures. What a mom!

  7. I’d do April. May can get a bit too toasty for this Canuck. It was 60 degrees in Denever today. After our sub-zero blast, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. 🙂

  8. My own daughter won’t wear boots because it might interfere with her hockey game during PE.

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