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The Trials of a Busy Mom


Yesterday was a hard day. We were overscheduled already, and then we had to cram parent teacher conferences for Cole in there. Since I let Cole go down to Arizona to visit his cousins and he missed school on Friday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I knew that his grades would not be the best. I didn’t know they would be as bad as they were. Two D’s and an F, to say the least. I had asked Ryan if HE could go to this parent teacher conference, but he ended up sick all day. So, I hauled Cole and John to the dentist at 3:00, go to the Parent Teacher Conference by 4:30, and was pummeled with bad news for almost two hours. My favorite was his English teacher, who was so sweet and nice in saying, “Now I know you didn’t forget to do all these assignments, did you? And you are surely working on your research paper that’s due on Monday, right?” I think my eyes may have bugged out of my face a little bit and I’m very lucky my entire head didn’t explode. Research paper? I got home just in time to meet a friend to go to our book club, thank goodness. Book Club. My night to forget about the kids and their homework issues. And it was indeed fun. I’m so glad I have my girlfriends, who swap stories on everything from divorce proceedings to our church callings. And yes, eventually we even talk about the book!


  1. I don’t know what i did with my worries before book club. They seem to evaporate as we sit and laugh the night away. Your line to Michelle has had me in stitches all day.

  2. Yikes! So, is Cole furiously at work doing his research paper today?

  3. Oh, my goodness. Were we supposed to know about the English assignments, or did he not tell anyone? I’m sorry he has so much to make up. It probably wasn’t worth it in the long run to let him go, do you think?

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