Saturday night was Erin’s Slumber Party . I had won 6 tickets and a hotel room. You wouldn’t believe how hard it was to get 5 friends who could ditch their families and commitments and come and play with me. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all about families and commitments. I have many myself –commitments, not families– and I understand that not everyone can get away on a Saturday night. This being said, however, I found it quite difficult to find the requisite 6 people to use all the tickets. So, congratulations to Sherry (a neighbor and friend), Tess (long time friend found again), Lisa (mother of 3 month old twins and I am very impressed that she was able to get away), Tennille (bell player extrordiniar), and Chrissy (my sister who left 7 children with her awesome husband) for being able to get away and play, and coming with me so I didn’t feel like a loser with no friends.

The Slumber Party, although fun, was not all I had hoped it would be. The lines were long and the place was crowded. It was a bit overwhelming at first to decide which line to stand in, (Do I want my toenails painted pretty or do I want my eyebrows waxed? Wait, what’s that over there, a psychic?), but we soon signed up for massages, stood in a few lines, got some food and had our fill from the chocolate fountain (chocolate covered cream puffs and cinnamon bears–who knew?). We enjoyed our 10 minute massages (wish it were longer), were entertained and amused by our “psychic readings”, and pocketed a few of the little dessert tins from “My Girlfriend’s Kitchen”, avoided the “Party Girls” and their adultproducts, and Sherry got to ask her make-out queen friend from high school if she had made out with Sherry’s boyfriend 15 years ago. Apparantly her answer was something like “there were so many, who can remember?”. Chrissy even endured a very long line and had eyelash extensions put in.

Although we entered every contest we could find, none of us were big winners. By 9:30 we had had our fill of the fun and excitement, and were ready to leave. We only had to find our hotel room and get the jackets that we had stashed. That was a little harder than we had thought, as no one really remembered the room number, or where exactly it was. Lisa was in the room, but walking the halls calling her name didn’t seem like the best idea. We eventually found it and were impressed by the comfy beds. Hopefully Lisa had a lovely relaxing night in the room with no twins, no kids, and no husband. She was the only one who took advantage of the free room, and I hope it was a good one for her.

All in all, it was fun, but not the event of the century. I’m glad I could spend a night with girlfriends, and we had plenty of those frosted sugar cookies to go around.