Congratulations to Ryan, who won a $100 gift certificate to Gunnies yesterday. If you’ve never been to Gunnies, then you, like I was, are in for a surprise. It’s a mini Cabela’s! Taxidermy all around the store, including a girraffe, a bear, and a boar, and all kinds of fishing and hunting gear. Gunnies and the Daily Herald sponsored a puzzle page, with a word search type thing, a “what’s wrong with this picture”, and identify the eyes of 8 different animals. Ryan wrote a computer program to figure out the highest scores for the wordsearch, figured the differences in the picture pretty easily, but we had a tough time guessing the animals. Megan helped out there, but we were still not right. We ended up with 4 wrong, but were still in the drawing. Only one person got them all right, and she won $400! So, Congratulations to Ryan. Happy Birthday–go buy yourself something fun.