The Trials of a Busy Mom

Things I might have said during the past 24 hours

–You made poops in the potty?! That’s amazing!

–You need lotion on those hands, or your hands will get so dry they might just fall off. And then how would you write with no hands, only little stumps?

–Put that down! You don’t have to read EVERY single thing you see.

–What caller am I?

–I do not have your shin guards.

–Does anyone know where the vacuum stopped?

–If I let you quit piano lessons, then you would come to me when you are 25 and say, “Mom, why did you let me quit piano lessons? I hate you for letting me quit!”

–Those are brand new pants! Did you have to slide in them and get grass stains on the knees?

–I’m going to race you to the potty.

–Why are there grapes on the floor?

–Out came the tooth, the wibbley, wobbley tooth…

–I have to take Megan to soccer. I’ll be back in 20 minutes.

–I’m sorry that your shoes are frozen. Maybe you shouldn’t leave them out by the trampoline .

–I don’t care if you’re wet. You can’t just take any towel you feel like taking.

–How many times do we wear our underwear? That’s right, ONCE. We’re not going to save the planet any by wearing our underwear for days at a time.

–I’m so sorry. Where does it hurt? Let me give you kisses.

–Food. We’re having FOOD.

–I love you, too.

–If you eat the last of something, what do you do with the box? Leave it in the pantry? I don’t think so.

–Please move on to another song.

–Just use someone else’s socks.

–Do you need some help with that?

–I think that shirt might be on backwards.

–Awesome job!

–Did you do your homework?

–Why do you say one thing and powerschool says another?

–Because I’m trying to train you to be a good babysitter, that’s why.


  1. Tess

    Too funny! I love it. I’m only surprised you don’t have my favorite daily chant: “Please stop arguing! I did not have children to be a referee. I had them because they were SUPPOSED to bring joy and laughter into the home! Now give me some joy, dang it!”

  2. Mom

    That’s pretty good, and you actually remembered all that stuff you said. Quite funny!

  3. Lisa

    I agree with your mom – how in the world do you remember all that? Did you write it down as they day went on?

  4. Kristy

    I love it when food is for dinner. That’s the BEST!

  5. Ryan

    She forgot my personal favorite today: Are you going to work with that tag on your shirt?

  6. Monica

    Very nice collection!! OH so good!


  7. Sylvia

    I LOVE it!!! 🙂 I said many of those same things recently! ha!!!

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