The Trials of a Busy Mom

Let the season of clutter collection begin

Saturday marked the beginning of THE GARAGE SALE SEASON. To celebrate, and since there was no soccer this week, I set out early in search of the elusive and timid early season garage sale. Not one to really look in the paper, I tend to favor the old “drive around and look for signs” approach. Sometimes it works better than others. It was 7:50 and I saw a sign! It said Yard sale 8-1, but it was almost 8, so I turned in and found the sale. What? Lawnmowers and horse tack? That’s not the sale for me. I didn’t even get out of the car.

I ventured south, and lo and behold, I saw a GREAT sign, but where are the arrows, people? I can’t read your tiny address when I’m going by at 40 mph! Arrows!! So, after taking the roundabout way to get there, I found the garage sale. I immediately picked up a cute little “carved” bear, that’s not really carved and not really made of wood. But he’s cute, and he’s $1, and he’s going to enjoy being at my house. Nothing else there except a really cool hot pink chair from the 1940’s, but she only wanted to sell it WITH the couch as a set, and I’m not buying a hot pink couch with one foot missing. My husband would KILL me if I hauled that thing home.

After much more driving around, being fooled by signs that looked like they could possibly be garage sale signs, but were really “aeration” signs or those red flags that people can use when crossing the street, I found about 4 more garage sales. I ended up buying bunch of clothes for John at 25 cents each, some shoes for Cole, and a baseball glove that will fit John or Jenna. I also found a dress that Natalie wanted, but it fit Jenna (and has a small rip I need to repair), a small four wheeler and rider for John to use as a potty prize, and a cars book.

Not the greatest haul for two hours on a Saturday, but I spent less than $8, and I got away from the little people for a couple of hours. But it’s the start of the fun garage sale season that will last for about the next 6 months, and I’m sure I’ll score some great finds–eventually.


  1. Mom

    Keep me in mind for “grandma toys.” You know what I have and what I might need to entertain YOUR kids. You can always call me with your cell phone to ask if I want it.

  2. Melissa

    My mom participated in a community yard sale to raise money for a local school’s computer lab – and ended up spending more than she made!

    Hooray for yard sale season!

  3. Amy

    That sounds like quite a bargain to me. How much did it cost in gas to find all those deals?

  4. Robin

    Yea!…I can’t wait to go with you next week!!:smile:

  5. Robin


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