The Trials of a Busy Mom

Ryan to the rescue

Some days there’s just not that much to blog about, you know? That is, unless you want to hear about the yucky smelling dish towel that I discovered in my sink, or my opinion on Dancing with the Stars this week, or the fact that I discovered a nice green dot of “facial mask” that I put on my face last night to dry up a huge zit. I discovered that I still had green on my face AFTER I went and worked out at Curves this morning. But I’m sure you all have done something like that before, right? Or I could go on about how my kids aren’t used to all this free time and they end up picking fights with each other. But none of that stuff is blogworthy today.

So I wanted to just give a little shout out for my awesome hubby. He’ll be totally shocked reading this, by the way, since it’s not his birthday or our anniversary or father’s day or anything, so why would I write about him? Because I want to, that’s why.

Last week he had a frustrating week at work. I guess it was bug finding week, and he worked for four days trying to find a certain bug and fix it. Four days! And when he finally found it, I guess fixing it consisted of putting in two more back slashes into a certain line of code. When he told me about it, he said, “So, my total amount of work for the past four days consists of two characters. That’s half a character per day.” I told him I was so sorry that work was frustrating, but he should blog about it! That’s what I do with all the crappy stuff that happens to me–it gives me something to blog about, right? Too bad he doesn’t have a blog.

Jenna wrote him a note the other day and left it for him…where? On his computer. Since it’s not Too personal, I think I’ll share it. She wrote:

Dear Dad,
Will we do the mini goat some day?
How was work? Was it bad or good?
I love you up to the moon and back down 900000 times.
Your a fun day to have.
Did you play card games with your parents when you were little? How long are you growing your beard? I like your beard, dont shave it!
Pleas right back.
Love, Jenna

How sweet is that?

He’s also amazingly creative when it comes to fixing things. A friend from the ward brought over her laptop that had given up the ghost. It wouldn’t even boot up, it was that far gone. She was just sick that she hadn’t backed up her pictures, and they were all on that laptop. Well, Ryan tried everything he could to get it to boot up, and nothing worked. The hard drive was just dead. But then in doing some research, he read somewhere that if you freeze a hard drive, it might just make it work enough to get some information off of it. Freeze a hard drive? Who thinks up these things?

So, he stuck the thing in a baggie, then froze it for a couple of hours. Then, to keep it frozen, he stuck that baggie into a bowl of ice, and hooked it up. Crazy, right? Well, here’s a picture or two to show you I’m not making this up.

And by working his magic, he was able to recover all of her photos from her dead laptop. Amazing, isn’t he? So, file that away in your “useless knowledge” file, and be glad that there are people somewhere in the world who care enough to try weird and crazy things to recover their files. And one of them is my husband.


  1. Robin

    That is just the “coolest” 😳

    Ryan…you are THE MAN!!!

  2. An Ordinary Mom

    “So, my total amount of work for the past four days consists of two characters. That’s half a character per day.” That makes my motherhood days sound more productive 🙂 !!

    It sounds like you married an incredible man!

  3. Amber

    You. Have. A. Keeper!

    But you already knew that, right? 🙂

  4. Melissa

    Freezing a hard drive? Now I’ve heard everything! But it doesn’t surprise me – growing up a mechanic’s kid, you should see some of the things they can do to cars that you wouldn’t think would work.

  5. Mich

    “Useless Knowledge”? I say it’s priceless knowledge to know Ryan can save me if I blow out my computer! We already knew he was amazing at this sort of stuff, but REALLY!!!!

  6. Amy

    So, we have a LaCie 500gb hard drive that won’t load because the computer reads that it’s a 2tb drive, and the partition map has been deleted. Will freezing it help us? Is there anything that will rescue our poor little drive? Because all Mom and Dad’s home movies are on it, not to mention all the video I’ve taken of our kids’ whole lives with my little digital camera video feature, plus all the original Music and the Spoken Word paintings.

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