I didn’t take a substitute job today because I didn’t want to. I just wanted to do some spring cleaning at home, and enjoy a bit of time without anyone else there.
So, once I got the kitchen cleaned up a bit this morning, I put on my painting clothes (no, there will be no pictures of me in my painting clothes, thank you very much) and went to work on a project I started back before the Taiwanese girls came.


I think I know why I like painting so much.
Just think.
For about $4 in paint, I can take a small piece, and with a few afternoons of work, I can transform a table, or a dresser. I can take a plain or ugly table, and make it cute again.
With a little more time and money (ok, quite a bit more time and money), I can change a room. I love that. I can change it.


Here’s the table before I started. I took it out to the porch to sand it because it had some water damage and needed quite a bit of sanding.
See that cute kitty who was helping me?
Good kitty. I’m sure she was wondering what I was doing.
This table was actually given to me by a friend. I quite liked it in white but decided since I was going to paint it I might as well paint it a cute happy color. If I don’t like it I’ll just give it to one of the kids for their rooms.

I wish I could transform other areas in my life with just a can of paint and a brush.
Don’t like your hair? Paint it.
Don’t like your body? No problem, let’s just paint it up nice and we can make it younger and thinnner, with no aches and pains.
Aren’t happy with a relationship with a friend or a loved one? There’s a paint for that.

But darn it. Life is not fixed by a can of paint.
To change your life, your body, your relationships, that takes work, and effort, and commitment, and sometimes tears.

Maybe that’s why I love the transformations I can do with paint or fabric so much.