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Hello? Is this thing on? Check one, two…Sibilance, Sibilance

Oh, the show went GREAT last night! For the first time, all the music cues were right, and we didn’t have any problems with the wireless mic’s. The other night, for example, someone answered their cell phone during the show, and the conversation was picked up by Maisy’s mic. How’s that for embarrassing? We had a wonderful audience, too. They were laughing and clapping in all the right places, and that really helps us to be energized. It was FUN!

We get to do a mic check every night before the show, and people don’t want to sing just anything, so we come up with funny and interesting songs to sing for 20-30 seconds. One guy always sings “I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts” for his check. I’ve done “Oh, Holy night”, and “Amazing Grace”, and last night I did “We got together” from Grease. The Wickersham brothers, who are the monkeys in the jungle, have a little hymn book, and when they do their mic check, they sing a hymn all together. It’s a nice little moment.

We are now halfway through the run of the show. We’ve done four shows, and we have four shows yet to do. It’s been such a great experience for me, and I’m so thankful that at my old and advanced age they let me be with this fun, young cast. In the lead’s dressing room, it’s me and a bunch of young single gals putting on makeup together. They are usually all talking about some boy, texting some boy, or talking about how they were texting some boy. And then they talk about how white they are and that they need to get out and do some tanning before summer is over. I did have to speak up then and try to discourage them from the tanning–you know, skin cancer, wrinkles and all that–but I doubt they listen to an old lady like me. They talk about auditions, who’s doing what play this fall, and all that theater stuff, too.

I was sitting by one of the guys that I’ve become friends with, Jake, the other day at rehearsal, and “Little Shop of Horrors” somehow came up.
“They’re doing that at the Hale Center Theater!”, he said, “Wouldn’t that be such a fun show to be in?”
“Oh, that would be such a fun show,” I said. “But I’m not really auditioning for more plays. I don’t really do that.”
“What? Why not?” he said. He actually sounded shocked.
“Um, I don’t really do a bunch of plays,” I said sort of sheepishly, “I kind of just auditioned for this one on a whim. Because it’s convenient and so close to my house.”
“Oh, that’s a shame. You really should do more plays. You’re so good,” he said.
Well, there is the issue of my family, and the bell choir that meets once a week, and I do have five kids and a husband who I really do enjoy spending time with…. But being in plays would be fun, too.
What a sweet thing to say!
So besides being a heck of a lot of fun, being in this show has been kind of an ego boost for me. I had some lady I don’t know come up to me on Monday night and say, “Oh, you did such a great job! You have a beautiful voice.” I was surprised and so thankful for her compliment! Wow! Someone said I had a nice voice!
And it’s been fun getting to know a bunch of new people. Yes, most of them are younger than me, and most of them are single and giggly, but they are nice. And it’s fun to see people in the grocery store and have them say, “Hey, Mrs. Mayor! How’s it going?” And there’s a bunch of cute little kids in the show, and they are always fun. They’ll sit and watch me getting my hair done, and they’ll say, “I like your hair.” Thanks, I think.

My oldest two kids have enjoyed getting involved in the show, too. Cole is now working up in the booth with the sound, and he runs the music. His friend manages the mic’s. Megan sold tickets last Saturday, and will be doing that again this Saturday for the matinee. They’ve also helped a little bit with set building. It’s been fun to have them involved. So, IF I ever do this acting thing again, I’ll make sure the kids audition with me, so that we can do this together. Wouldn’t that be fun? Well, maybe. Right now one of those children is sitting right behind me nagging me about using the computer and complaining, complaining, complaining. So maybe having them in the show with me wouldn’t be that much fun after all.

Today is a day off, which is nice. I think Robin and I are going to go and get pedicures or take the kids to a water park or something.

Oh, and for those of you who knew where the title of this post came from, here you go. Enjoy


  1. Thanks for the Wayne’s World trip. I miss those guys.

  2. Everyone needs a little ego boost every once in a while. I’m so glad you found such a fun way to get one! I could NEVER do acting, so I admire you just for that let alone the singing! You’re too cool to be friends with me.

  3. I am so glad it went well!

    I like the new look around here!

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