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Hair today, over tomorrow

Oh, the play is almost over. We did a LONG LONG day yesterday with a matinee and a show at night. We were there for almost 10 hours. But it’s been such a great experience, and I’ve really loved it. It’s been fun after each show to go out to the “lobby” and meet and greet the people. At every show I’ve had someone I knew there, who comes up to give me a hug or say hi. I’m really thankful to everyone who’s come and supported me in this venture.

I thought I would take some pictures of the whole hair experience. Since everyone wants to know, “is that really your own hair?”

It starts at about 4:30 when I put hot rollers into my hair.

Then I go put on my makeup and costume and then take out the hot rollers, so they have time to curl and then cool.

My friend, Kelly, there then starts to work on the hair. She gets out her trusty comb and back-combs the heck out of my poor thin hair.

Until it starts to stand up by itself. Oh, and she sprays it. Don’t forget the spray.

Pantene outrageous hold seems to do the trick.

After the hair is about a foot high, then she gets out the curling iron and curls it!

Spray, curl, repeat.

Then when you think it’s all done and I’m ready for the stage, (Hi, Kelly!)

then come the accessories.

But I’m not the only one with crazy hair. Here’s me with some of the other Whos. Two of them are wearing wigs, can you guess which ones? And this is before our Christmas scene, when they add those little Christmas accessories. What a fun and crazy show!


  1. Bounceback: Yes, you can have them, but what are they? I still have the tickets, so I am assuming they have something on them about bouncing back? This was my first lagoon experience, so I know very little.

  2. I guess the good thing about doing two shows in one day is that you don’t have to get your hair redone–or do you? One more tonight and then that’s it. We sure enjoyed the show. You did a really great job.

  3. That is the most incredible hair I have ever seen!! Where was Kelly when we were in highschool? We should have gone to our school dances with hair like that. You look AMAZING! I so wish I could have seen/heard you!!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog, as for is it really possible, I try my hardest because otherwise the house gets over run with junk and stuff that we don’t need.

  5. I liked your natural curls much better than the fuzzy blonde wig the girl in the green dress was wearing. I’m also pretty sure that the red-haired piece with squiggles and coils is also a wig.

    We really enjoyed the performance too!

  6. How absolutely fun! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Wow! Who knew doing hair for a play could be such an adventure. You look great.

  8. That looks like so much fun! That is quite the big hair!

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