It was quite a week last week.
Monday night was closing night of our awesome play.
Tuesday night we had our cast party.
Wed night was bells.
Thursday I got to film an infomercial. At my house. In my bedroom.
My friend had given me a couple of these pillows to try for a bit and then asked if I could do a testimonial. By testimonial, that means, the camera crew comes to your house and films you for over an hour talking about how much you LOVE that pillow. Insane amounts of love for that pillow, I tell you. Good thing I have no trouble being overly enthused for something (it’s called acting). The good thing was that she gave me plenty of warning so I could get my bedroom clean. What a mess it was. So that right there, it’s worth it to do the commercial. And I’ll get paid about $50 or so.

No pictures of this shoot, sorry. It was really funny when they had me “nap” on my bed with this pillow. They arranged me just right, and then I couldn’t move. Eyes closed, no laughing, no moving while they filmed me sleeping.


On Friday, I got up early to get dressed and get out of here so I could be to a house in Mapleton (about 40 minutes south of here) by 8:30. I had applied to be an extra for BYU’s sketch comedy show, Studio C, and they emailed me this week to see if I was available. They said to wear something fallish and bring options, in case they didn’t like the color. I was supposed to be there from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm. When I got there, there were people setting up all through the house, and we 6 extras just sat on the couch and stayed out of the way. We watched while they did Mallory’s make-up and wig, and gave each cast member thier outfits for the day. We just stayed out of the way. (We had been warned in the email that this was not a time for autographs or pictures. It’s not a meet and greet and it’s a busy day, it said.)

Eventually, Bronwyn, the production assistant said, “Did someone give you guys your lines?” LINES? We have lines? She wrote down our line, then sent us each to talk to the costumer, who told us which of our clothes we should wear.
When they moved the filming to the room where we were, they sent the extras upstairs. Then we could look over the balcony at the set up.

They touched up our hair and makeup for us.

(These pictures aren’t the greatest. I had my camera, but I didn’t want to look to FAN STALKER ish, so I just used my phone to take pictures.


This guy, Stacey, was SO nice. He shook hands with all of us and was talking and asking us questions. He didn’t mind taking a picture or two.

We also got to partake of the snacks. I had a bagel and a banana. Didn’t want to seem too greedy or anything.

When it was my turn (they called for extra number 9, that’s me) I went down to the kitchen and they placed me and got the lighting right and cameras set up. The theme of the skit is that people want to set up all thier single friends. I say, “he’s really unique looking” while eating a piece of pizza. Then I say, “He’s got that classic farmer look”. They had me do it again and again and say it in a few different ways, taking a bite of cold pizza every time. Hey, I get to film with studio C, I will EAT COLD PIZZA! Yep, five hours for that.

When I went back upstairs to get my stuff, someone said, “Did you have to eat the pizza? We should have told you that we NEVER eat the food they give us. We usually spit it out.” Oh, well. I didn’t have anywhere to spit, and I’m not going to complain about the pizza being cold. I could be on TV!

No, we don’t get paid to do this. It’s just cool, so I would of course do it for free.

It was so fun. I love seeing how things go on, and all the work it takes to make a 5 minute sketch. If I make it past the editing process, I’ll be sure to let you know when and where you can watch it.