The Trials of a Busy Mom


My family is amazing. Seriously, my sisters both take on SO much, from raising 14 kids to painting for Music and the Spoken Word, I have awesome sisters. My brother is no slouch, either, building and fixing things, taking scouts on outing after outing. Really. We must have been raised that way. We have awesome parents. I remember when my mom was the relief society president of our ward AND my dad was called as the bishop of the ward AT THE SAME TIME. They released my mom quickly. But anyway, I think we have some pretty great examples in our lives.

I was shocked and humbled this morning when I read my sister’s blog. I was looking for her annual Groundhog’s day letter, but instead found a wonderful tribute…to me! She had nominated me for a High 5 award from KSL.

Since her blog might be password protected, I’ll just copy what she said here.

KSL has a contest right now, where you can nominate a person you know to receive $500 and be on TV. I nominated my sister Paige. Here’s what I said:

Paige is my sister, and she is amazing. All her thoughts are towards others, and how she can help them. She houses foreign exchange students every opportunity she has–in fact, two boys from Brazil are currently staying with her family. She has organized a chime choir in her local elementary school, and substitute teaches as well. She volunteers to play English handbells in the Bells on Temple Square. She is also running a volunteer healthy living and weight loss group online. She is always found baking for neighbors, uplifting those having a hard day, making us laugh or cheering us up. She has helped our family several times when times have been hard, by providing Christmas or groceries or cash. Besides serving her community, she is the best mom for her five kids, always sending care packages to her missionary and her college student, and taking her younger kids to fun and educational activities, or teaching them endless crafts and games. She wears herself out in service to others. She is a lover of chocolate and chickens, and I love her so much, and would love to give her a big High 5!

Hope she wins!

I read it and tears sprang to my eyes. Oh, the sweet things she said. I’m honored. And humbled. And grateful. Oh, great, now my mascara’s running again.

Thank you, Amy.


  1. Robin

    Yes Paige..It is all true. You are pretty fabulous!

  2. Chrissy

    Paige, you are one of a kind. Endless charity is your name and spreading joy is your game! I love you and Amy is completely right.

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