Wow. What a week we’ve had with rehearsals. Tech and dress rehearsals are hard. Figuring out costume changes, and who’s going to help our little Pinkalicious with her many costumes.

Today we did two run throughs, one right after the other.

I also tried different undergarments today. My spanks-ish black thing and a supportive tank top. Ugh. UGH. That’s about all I want to go into that. While it did make it easier to change backstage in the wings, it was SO not comfortable.

cupcakes backstage

Here’s a bunch of us before the start of the show yesterday.

Yesterday I managed to pull off a successful lunch for the teachers. When I went to Chick-fil-a to pick up the food at the agreed upon time, they did not really know about my order. I was there for 20 minutes trying hard not to panic. But they did eventually bring all the stuff, and I got it all into the school (aside from that one unfortunate gallon of lemonaid that JUMPED off the little cart in the parking lot), even though I really should have checked out Natalie or Jenna to help me.

Today, I also got run over by a piece of the set. I was turning it, and a piece opened up and SCRAPED right along the back of my heel/ankle. CRap, that hurts.

In other news, we’re almost done with our 4 weeks with the boys. This week they stayed up at a friend’s house on Wed, and they actually ASKED before hand, instead of waiting until 11:30, so we had no problem with it. Today was their final test, and I don’t know if they will do anything with us this weekend or not. I hope they’ve had a good time here. We haven’t really helped them have a good time, but then again, they haven’t really wanted to have anything to do with us, so we’re not really responsible for that. I understand it’s been a pain for them to travel way out here to Lehi, when a lot of their friends’ host families are closer to the school in Murray. Oh well. Now we know not to sign up for something like this again.

And finally, I just drove Natalie and 4 other debaters out to Herriman High school for a debate thing. I sure hope one of the other moms picks them up.