The Trials of a Busy Mom

Fun Times

Cole gets to go with the 6th Grade to Clearcreek for an overnight trip. What that means for him is: fun times catching “pot guts”, staying up late telling ghost stories, getting really really dirty, no homework for two days, sleeping in cabins, eating in the mess hall, and having a Fabulous Time with his friends.

What it means for me is: helping him pack his stuff, making sure he’s got everything on the list, realizing that we don’t have “winter boots” for Cole yet, finding hat and gloves that fit, hoping that his coat from last year still fits and being relieved that it does, bringing his stuff to school because they don’t want all that on the regular school bus, picking up his band instruments so it won’t be left at the school for two days, one less child at dinner, and remembering to pick him up at 2:00 tomorrow.

I’m a little bit jealous, I must admit. How much would I have loved going to camp my last year in elememtary school! Of course we would have had some dramatics about how so and so doesn’t like so and so and she doesn’t want me in her tent and all that juvenile crap, but it would have been SO MUCH FUN! Of course when I was in 6th grade I was very aware of boys and which one were cute (John Steele) and which ones were obnoxious (all those guys in that stupid metal shop class–Why did I take metal shop? What a dumb plan that was–I almost failed! If I had it to do over again I would most definitely not take metal shop!) It’s hard to believe that Cole is that old. He doesn’t really notice girls much, except as friends, which I think is great!

In summary I hope he has a wonderful time and stays warm! And even though I know he will be fine I will of course worry about him until he gets home.



  1. Sharm

    You are such a good mommy!

  2. Christina

    Paige…. if you remember we took that shop class to meet cute boys. I loved the boys in that class, but hated Karen R. She tormented me and I’ll never forget it.

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