The Trials of a Busy Mom

Are you Hip?

At this moment I am wearing a pair of low rise, boot cut jeans from Old Navy. They go swoosh at the ankles when I walk. And I have to wear a super long shirt and even then I’m worried that the whole world will see my underwear. I don’t know if I can wear them all day–they are really bugging me. I mean, do I really want to wear what the teenagers wear, even though I’m 20 years older (eek!) and at least 50 pounds heavier? Maybe I should just go straight to the polyester elastic waist pants (with a printed fleece elastic waist hoodie from that store Mich found) and show how old and fat I really am. Um, no.

What do you wear that bugs you?


  1. Christina

    I hate how I’ve had to buy new lower underwear to accomodate my favorite pair of capri’s. I heard a rumor that waist lines are once again going back up!!! Can’t come soon enough for me.

  2. Melinda

    Oh, the battle of the waist. Did you see Ellen last week talking about buying pants? It was hysterical.

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