Is it better to get too much or too little?

This is the question that plagues me each month when I order the donuts for our school’s Dads and Donuts. Well, this time I obviously ordered TOO MUCH. I think there were about 24 people at the early session, and I had ordered

    21 dozen

donuts for both sessions. So, unless there are 18 dozen–no 19 dozen dads and kids at the second session (ha!), we have way too many. So, I ended up bringing about 9 dozen donuts home this morning. Ugh. I sent some with my kids to feed the bus stop kids (sticky, sticky hands), and we’re taking a dozen to Jenna’s preschool for snack today, and then what? Oh yeah, I sent about 3 dozen with Ryan to work. Just what I want hanging around the house. Donuts.

I will dump them on my neighbors and let them deal with the temptation. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to deliver some donuts.