Since Ryan and Cole went on a boy’s adventure with our friend Chet and his boys, the girls and I (and John) decided to go and do something fun. I looked in the paper and saw that Madagascar was playing at a dollar theater, so I went there. Turns out the Madagascar was playing there, but not anymore. So, we opted for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory instead. I wasn’t sure how John would behave, especially when there were no lions (Megan had told him in the car that we were going to see Lions. He kept asking during the show where the Lions were). But John sat on my lap the whole time and was GREAT. He talked about cars when he saw them, asked for popcorn (which I didn’t buy), laughed at the silly Oompah Loompah guy (one guy playing all those oompah loompahs is pretty funny) and only asked to go home during the last 15 minutes. Jenna sat on my lap, too, for about 1/2 an hour in the middle–boy was I warm and cozy with two kids on my lap! I guess we CAN go to movies again. And Johnny Depp is not quite as cute as in Neverland, but still cute, although a little freaky. I give the movie a Thumbs up!