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You’ve got something on your face

On Saturday, the girls wanted to go to the festival of colors in Spanish fork. We had gone last year as a family and had fun, but I didn’t know if it was in the cards this year. I had a bells rehearsal in Salt Lake and wouldn’t be home until after noon, and John had a birthday party at 1 pm, but I told the girls I would go with them if they really wanted to go. They did. At least Natalie and Megan. Here we are on the bus to go to the temple BC (before colors).
Jenna did not want to go, so she stayed home with Dad.


I love how when you walk in, you see the WHITE people and the COLORED people. Talk about segregation.
It was a beautiful and warm day. We didn’t purchase colors, but as soon as you walk on the grounds, people start to toss a bit of color on you, or even pat you on the back or the face with some color. Personal space? Not here.


I like the shirts when they are colorful, but not TOTALLY covered in chalk.


In trying to protect my camera, I kept it in a bag. I tried to take pictures through the bag, but this was the result, so I tried to just take it out and take a picture or two and then put it right back in the bag.

Here it looks like Natalie is trying to eat our heads.

The bandanas are to protect your mouth and nose from the chalk in the air. When it’s the official THROW at the top of the hour, you can be sure we had our faces covered.


There are a ton of people there, so parking and traffic is a problem, but we didn’t mind waiting for the bus to take us back to our car at Salem Hills High school.

The important thing was that we all had fun. Yes, we had to shower, wash everything, even vacuum out the car afterward, but it was a fun experience!

Happy Spring!

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