The Trials of a Busy Mom


Oh to be young and to have your biggest worry be if your cool tatoos that your mom just helped you plaster on your arms will show if you wear the long sleeved shirt you picked out. Mom suggests a short sleeve shirt, but you’ll have nothing of it. But you do accept rolling up the sleeves.

Oh to be young and think that the birthday party for your friend that is today is RIGHT NOW. Your hopes and dreams are crushed when mom tells you that the party is not until after lunch. But you have a simple solution–“Then let’s have lunch right now!” (It’s 8:17 in the morning, mind you.)

Oh to be young and the most strenuous job your mom makes you do is put away your shin guards and cool new soccer shoes.


  1. Melissa

    Gosh, you’re making me want to sigh too.


    There, I did it.

  2. Kimberly

    I just want to be young again so I can throw a big huge kicking, screaming, throw yourself on the floor, fit–in public even. Hey, maybe tomorrow is the day I am “young again”.

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