Ok, I don’t know if you are Amazing Race fans, but we sure are. Except this new family edition just isn’t the same. Where are the taxi drivers who don’t speak English promising that they know where the ‘King’s Cigar’ shop is. Where is the ‘bunching at the airport’, where are the ‘hours of operation’? Where is the gross food eating, the crowded busses, the exotic animals, the elephants? I’m sorry, but this Amazing Race just isn’t quite as…well..Amazing. The most exciting thing these teams have done is pick up fake dead people on stretchers.

Oh well. We will continue to watch, as we are addicted. I especially liked the commercial for 2 News with Phil and Mormon Missionary (why was there just one?) welcoming in the 2 news team. That leads me to believe that they are indeed going to come to Salt Lake City, and that would be cool. So, I’ll just keep watching, hope the Paulo Family gets eliminated soon and that when they leave the country next week it will bring some excitement.