The Trials of a Busy Mom

Thank you, Father, for the gentle reminder

I got into the car and chewed out my daughter. My daughter who had yelled at me when I told her we would be late for HER practice. When I got into the car, I gave her a nice talking to about how she WILL respect me or I will NOT be taking her to her practices, buying her school stuff, and bringing her lunches when she forgets. I am not her maid, her chauffeur, her cook, and I am most definitely not her servant, and she will not treat me as such.

“Understood?” I glowered.

“yes,” she said.

As we rode along in silence, I turned on the radio. And who should I hear, but Whitney in all her 80’s glory singing….

Ok. I can take a hint. Thank you.

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  1. Kimberly

    Yeah, never turn on the radio when you are mad. There is always a song on that will make you feel like crap. Just like when you leave a funeral there is always a song about losing someone. I guess you could always just listen to acid rock stations. I don’t think there is anything sappy on KBER.

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