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The Trials of a Busy Mom

Where’ve you been, girl?

I haven’t been posting much this weekend because I
a- haven’t had anything clever to say, and
b- I might get paint on my keyboard.

Yes, we are in the midst of a large painting project here, and it’s lasted over a week, and I’m getting sick of it.

It started with a simple gallon of pretty green paint. A friend actually gave me this gallon of paint, when it was left over from her painting project. It’s been sitting in my laundry room for quite a while. I decided to use it to paint the girls’ room. I did a lot of taping, and initially had quite a bit of help with the painting.

I left these areas blank, and then I’m going to paint in “frames” to house their ever changing artwork.

The problem with the room, however, is that it looks like this.

I had to kick Natalie and Jenna out of their room, and I just piled all their stuff on their bed, which I moved to the center of the room. So anywhere you go to paint, there’s stuff all stuck in the middle of the room. They weren’t too excited to move out of their room, and NEITHER was Megan, their host. So, now I’ve got all three girls sharing one queen bed, which really is big enough, but they tend to have a problem going to sleep.

But it was cute when I walked in there and found them all three reading.

It was like a sleepover reading party!

So, today, after another trip to Home Depot, I’m working on the big pink flowers. I’ve got the base color in and now I’m too tired to do the secondary color. It will have to wait. Because I need a shower. I also need to figure out what we’ll do for John’s birthday party, which is tomorrow. I planned an outdoor splash and play in the water party, but with the forecast calling for a 67 degree high, I think we’ll have to rethink that one.


  1. WOW…YOU’VE BEEN BUSY!!! You will have to show us what it looks like when you are done… Happy Birthday John!!!

  2. Pretty, pretty green color! It looks so fresh and spring – like! Can’t wait to see it all finished, and while you still have on your painters clothes, maybe you can come work on a few projects over here….hint….hint… office needs some serious paint help.

  3. Looks like they get their love of reading from you!! Cute pic!

  4. I love the picture frame idea – we may have to try that!

  5. I was noticing the beautiful sunny afternoon we had today, and thinking of you and John’s party. I hope it went well!

  6. You brave woman, I admire all your hard work. Maybe that’s because I detest painting, I dunno. I sure hope you post pictures when you’re all done! Good luck!

  7. It looks great! I love the way that new paint makes a room look. Very motivating too…I need to pick up a paint brush one of these afternoons. 🙂

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