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The Trials of a Busy Mom

Call me the party planner extraordinaire. Call me crazy. Actually, just don’t call me.

Tuesday was John’s 5th birthday! Happy Birthday to my baby! He was so excited about his party, we’ve been planning and talking about it for the past week. We were planning a “water party” in the back yard, but then with the weather turning cold, we worried about if we could actually do that. Then we went to the party store on Monday to pick out a pinata, but they were closed.

So, on Tuesday, we had to clean up the house, go to the party store, buy a pinata, hats, treat bags and candy for the pinata. Thankfully, it was warm enough to play outside and even get wet, although a couple of the kids shivered wrapped up in towels after getting soaking wet jumping on the trampoline with the sprinkler on. We also launched our favorite water bottle rockets and had out little splash pool set up. Each of the boys also got their own squirt gun that they had fun filling and then shooting each other. It was pretty unstructured, with me just acting as the timer for how long they could jump on the tramp when others were waiting.

Of course, the birthday boy ended up in tears no less than three times.
1- He and his friend bonked heads
2- He didn’t think he should have to take turns on the tramp, with it being his birthday and all
3- He somehow got his hand injured

But I got him calmed down each time and we continued on with having fun. We had some snacks, opened presents, and then I let them come inside and play with the new birthday presents. Because it’s not really a good birthday party unless one of the brand new toys gets broken, right? They played with legos and the crash-em-up cars that we had given John, and he wanted to me to build the new lego car. So, he “helped” and I built his cool new little lego car. Hopefully no one will take that apart, because I don’t know how long we’ll have those instructions. After a little while of playing, we took the party back outside to whack the pinata! I hung it from the swingset, and it was a success. Sometimes the pinata actually breaks off it’s hanger thing and then we have to whack it while it’s on the ground, and really, how much fun is that? But this one hung on through all the whacking and eventually properly distributed the candy on the ground. And the boys were happy. Because nothing says “party” like candy!

After the candy mayhem we came back inside for our low key cupcakes. Sing the song, blow out the candles, and eat the cupcakes. Easiest party ever.

After that was over, I had only a few hours to get ready for our young women and young men combined activity, which as Mia Maids advisors, we were in charge of. It was a hugely hectic afternoon, with piano lessons, band, and a soccer game. There was no way I could be at every event, so it’s good I have some back up carpoolers! Cole had a nasty cold and decided to skip marching band practice, which also helped me.

At 6:30, I was over at the neighbor’s house getting set up for our “Fear Factor activity like the one found here. We did the bubble trouble, yummy gummy, slimy swap, and in your face. Also fun were the chill out, and one we called fling thing. The youth seemed to be having a fun time, although I was kind of stressed. I had to yell all the instructions, and should have thought to borrow the megaphone from one of my ultra prepared friends. Maybe next time. Natalie, who isn’t old enough to come, but came anyway, LOVED it, and wants to do fear factor for her next birthday party. Megan said it was an “awesome activity, mom,” and my friend Serena, who was in charge with me, thought it went GREAT. I guess I just couldn’t be objective, so I’m glad that they all thought we looked like we were organized and knew what we were doing. We didn’t think about a few things, and if we were to do it over again, we would put a great big garbage can in the middle for trash. People were throwing their egg shells and wrappers on the ground, and then our sweet Laurels advisor seemed to be the one picking everything up. Sorry about that.

After all our fear factor activities, we roasted marshmallows and made s’mores. We held the activity at our neighbor’s house, specifically because they had a cool firepit to use (and he’s the Teacher’s quorum advisor). So, it was so cool to just be able to roast our marshmallows right there, and make our yummy treats. Unfortunately, one of the kids put a hot roaster stick right on the jacuzzi cover, melting it in two parallel lines. Oh, no! Now we have guilt! I just hate to use someone’s yard for an activity and then leave things damaged or ruined.

After the day and night of activities, I was wiped out, but satisfied. Things had gone well. People had had a good time. And I was done. So, yeah, you could call me the Party planner extraordinaire. You could call me crazy. But, really, I’d rather you just not call me at all. Let a poor girl rest, for heaven’s sake! (No, really, feel free to call me. I really do value your friendship and would LOVE to hear from you. Just don’t ask me to plan something for you.)


  1. I’m just glad you survived all that, AND took Megan to a soccer game, AND finished painting your flowers, AND went to the wedding reception without getting killed by rolling orange barrels on the freeway, AND brought me my DVDs from Salt Lake, all without Ryan around. You’re amazing!

    Oh, and you’re invited to our party on Sunday at 6:00.

  2. The parties sound fun. The fear factor games were some of the ones we did at the family campout that you didn’t attend. It was really fun! I can see why the kids liked it.

  3. Paige
    Thanks so much for the link to the Fear Factor activity. We’re doing one in October with the YW (not sure if we’re inviting the YM or not).

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